Practice Areas

Sundial specializes in bankruptcy, reorganization and liquidation, with sufficient experience and capacity to undertake enterprise or project liquidation and company reorganization tasks. Our lawyers have undertaken this work for many large companies since the 1990s, and have established a good cooperative relationship with the bankruptcy tribunal of the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court, acting as a bankruptcy case administrator. Sundial continues to undertake bankruptcy cases delegated by the court.

Approved by Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court and the Guangdong Provincial High Court in 2008, Sundial was in the first “List of Enterprise Bankruptcy Case Administrators of Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court” and became one of the members in the first batch of Shenzhen bankruptcy case managers list. In 2012, Sundial was promoted to second-level manager reflecting its rich experience and meticulous working style. At the beginning of 2019, Sundial was listed by the Guangdong Higher People's Court as a second-level administrator after rigorous assessment and evaluation.

With business experience and relevant capability, Sundial’s bankruptcy, reorganization and liquidation team is fully proficient in pending and derivative litigation, enterprise internal risk prevention, shareholder risk prevention, shareholder liability disputes, company dissolution disputes, shareholder qualification confirmation disputes, etc.

Our Services

  • Acting as a special legal advisor to the debtor or its shareholders and creditors. We undertake the company's self-initiated liquidation, provide professional consulting services for the company's liquidation or bankruptcy projects, represent creditors or debtors to apply for bankruptcy (including liquidation or reorganization/liquidation to reorganization/pre-reorganization and reorganization), and apply for mandatory liquidation on behalf of clients. After the application has been heard by the court, we continue to provide legal services for debtors and their shareholders or creditors in regards to corporate liquidation and bankruptcy issues.
  • Acting as other special legal counsel. Sundial aims to assist clients in recovering corporate assets, stripping non-performing assets, reducing corporate burdens and integrating effective resources. We provide special legal services and accept commissions from clients including but not limited to investors, reorganizers, funders and creditors to act as a special legal advisor for corporate legal reorganization, pre-reorganization, bankruptcy reorganization, bankruptcy liquidation and settlement and other legal affairs.