Practice Areas

The purpose of services provided by legal consultants to enterprises is not merely in litigation relief after disputes or losses arise, but in providing targeted, advanced and preventive risk control protection system services for enterprises, so as to avoid disputes and losses to the greatest extent possible.

In the process of providing clients with legal services, Sundial proceeds from the specific business conditions and tailors exclusive legal advisory services for clients. We promise to provide high-quality, efficient, honest, diligent and dedicated legal services, where client’s legal rights and interests are always our priority. By offering our professional legal services, we help clients establish risk prevention mechanisms to prevent and resolve management risks, meanwhile.

Our Services

  • Provide legal advice on the issues involved in company daily operations
  • Draft, review, and modify legal documents involved in company daily operations, such as contracts, agreements, external letters, manuscripts, promotional materials, bidding documents, statements, instructions, decisions, and other materials involving legal issues. 
  • Provide and draw up the relevant contract models suitable for company situations according to the needs of company management and business development
  • Participate in major external negotiations and consultations in accordance with company instructions
  • Point out relevant legal risks and provide risk avoidance suggestions in consideration of the legal issues involved in company business processes
  • Assist companies in monitoring contract performance risks and providing legal services such as reminders and negotiation for contract breach or infringement
  • Offer specific legal training for relevant company staff to improve their basic legal literacy as well as risk identification and control capabilities